Discipline and Self-Confidence Through Tae Kwon Do

Benefits of Training

Self-Confidence – We help students gain self-confidence by teaching them how to set goals and then how to achieve those goals. Every time a student achieves one goal they become motivated and more confident on setting another goal to accomplish. All along the way our expert and caring Instructors are there right by the students side giving them guidance. Believing in ourselves is the most important step on the road to Self-Confidence.

Self-Control – Through the techniques of the Martial Arts we teach the student the way of self-control. It is easy to hit something with a punch or a kick, but much more difficult to execute a punch or kick to a target and stop within a millimeter of the target. By continuously practicing our self-defense techniques with control the student eventually learns not only physical control but also learns to transfer that control on an emotional level.

Self-Discipline – The student learns self-discipline partly through making a commitment to their training. Also the student quickly learns that if they want to master a technique, they must practice that technique over and over until they can execute it without thought or hesitation. They also learn, that they are the ones that must attend class, and they are the ones that must put in the time and effort on a regular basis to achieve success. No one else can do it for them. This is Self- Discipline.

Focus and Concentration – A student learns quickly that if their mind is not totally focused on a skill that they are practicing, they will not only miss the target, but also lack the speed and power needed to accomplish their task. Focus and concentration are a team. We must have focus in the eyes and concentration in the mind. Through constant repetition of the Martial Arts techniques the student develops that focus and concentration.

Respect – We teach respect by giving respect. In our school everyone is equal. Whether they are an Instructor, black belt, color belt, white belt, Adult or Junior student, everyone is treated with total respect and equality. The only difference is in the level of Knowledge of the Martial Arts. But having this knowledge does not make someone better than another, it only means that they have more knowledge of the Martial Arts. We also stress that you must have respect for yourself, before you are able to give true respect to others.

Patience – The old adage that says, “Patience is a Virtue” is so true. With patience one can strive to accomplish anything, but without patience we will lose our way. Through the constant repetition of Martial Arts skills, kicking, punching, blocking, students come to realize that it takes time to master anything in life, but with patience, dedication and perseverance, anything can be accomplished.

Positive Attitude – When we feel good about ourselves we have a positive attitude. That positive attitude leads us to respect ourselves, thereby respecting others. We then do not feel the need to prove ourselves to others because of the deep self-confidence we have. We can set goals and go about achieving them, because of our strong self-discipline, our patience, and our intense focus and concentration.

Physical Benefits – Better Health, Improved Muscle Tone, Increased Flexibility, Weight Control, Self-Defense.

Through training in Martial Arts, all of the above benefits can be achieved. Age does not matter. Your current physical fitness level does not matter. All one needs is the desire to improve oneself and their life. We here at NorthEastern Martial Arts Academy will be by your side to guide you and help you stay focused on your goals.

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